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All About Your Image

A Local Non-Profit Supporting Individuals Living With Mental Illness 

Many of our clients come to us in need of support in a variety of areas, including transportation, housing, socialization skills, and more. To make the most impact, we often provide financial support to ensure our clients are successful in their journey. We are committed to our promise of maximizing the potential of individuals served by providing person-centered services, but we cannot do it alone. We have started a non-profit called "All About Your Image" to help us fund the activities that help our clients develop the emotional, social, and intellectual skills they need to be successful living independently in their community. Your donations will help us make this commitment a reality and will positively impact the lives of the individuals we help.

Our Mission

All About Your Image (AAYI) in collaboration with community partners will provide services that will connect individuals and families to resources in the community that could enhance their lives.

Group Hug

Our vision is to meet the needs of our clients by allowing them to experience successful encounters that will lead to a more enjoyable life and striving for continuous ways to look for greater
opportunities. When you donate to All About Your Image, your financial support helps us provide:

  • Living Essentials

  • Health Costs

  • Medications

  • Clothing

  • Baby Supplies

  • Lodging

  • Moving Expenses

  • Home Essentials

  • Kitchen and Home Appliances

  • Utility Bills

  • Work Supplies

  • Job Training and Support

  • Career Mentoring

  • Transportation

  • Bills

  • Educational Experience Expenses

  • School Supplies

  • Social Activities

Together, we can make a change.

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